The Art and Science of Retail Recruitment

Are you ready to master the balance between human intuition and data-driven insights in retail recruitment? Join Retailwire, Checkr, and Workstream in our on-demand webinar, “The Art & Science of Retail Recruitment,” and discover proven strategies to attract, assess, and retain top talent, even during your busiest seasons.

In this insightful session, you’ll learn:

  • Strategic planning secrets: Craft efficient hiring plans and anticipate staffing needs for peak seasons and beyond.
  • The perfect AI-human balance: Discover how to leverage technology for screening and assessments while maintaining a personal touch.
  • Data-driven decision making: Harness the power of data to analyze demographics, identify best-fit candidates, and predict future performance.
  • The game-changing impact of analytics: Dive into advanced tools and predictive modeling for informed recruitment decisions.

This webinar is perfect for you if you’re:

  • An HR professional in the retail industry
  • Struggling to find qualified talent during busy seasons
  • Unsure how to leverage technology effectively in recruitment
  • Looking for data-driven insights to improve your hiring process

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Watch our On-Demand Webinar

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