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Registration for the live webinar ended on Wed, October 26. However, you can register here to instantly watch the on-demand recording.

Who should watch

  • Chief data officers

  • Analytics professionals

  • Data scientists

  • Business intelligence

  • Product team

  • Analysts/strategists

Partner overview

  • Prognos Health is a clinically-focused data and analytics platform company.

  • TriNetX accelerates study design, trial operations, and post-approval research.

  • QIAGEN Digital Insights provides expert curated genomic and clinical knowledge for actionable insights.


Real-world data (RWD) is no longer a buzzword or something from the future. With the 21st Century Cures act putting RWD in focus, and FDA guidance issued in January 2022 on its use in regulatory decision making, all functions within healthcare and life sciences need to understand the what, how, and when to use RWD for drug discovery, clinical development, and commercial use cases.

At the same time, technology has advanced both in how data are collected and harmonized and in how data are delivered and ingested by data subscribers. In this panel discussion thought leaders from Prognos, Qiagen, TriNetX, and AWS will discuss the RWD landscape in 2022 including how data are being collected and harmonized in a secure and privacy enabled way, top use cases being seen in biopharma, and how technology will play a role in RWD over the next 5 years.

You will learn
  • The importance of prioritizing R&D programs according to real-world need and opportunity

  • How to understand real-world data can inform eligibility, endpoints, and comparators for more patient-centric studies

  • How to find patients based on documented or inferred clinical observations

  • The benefits of generating evidence of real-world safety and effectiveness for patients, providers, regulators, and payors

  • How to use Real World Data to improve pharmacovigilance

  • How pre-integration and pre-certification of your RWD investments can lower your TCO and the time to value of your RWD investments

  • How to efficiently source your real-world data, while future-proofing it as your needs evolve over time

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