Transforming Text: Uncover The Secrets Of Q&A Systems With Hugging Face AI

Session Date & Time: Jan 10, 6:30 PM PST

Meet your instructor

Mina Ghashami

Applied Scientist at FAANG


Wouldn’t you agree that we now live in a tech-saturated world, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) permeates everything from chatbots to smart assistants? And, central to this AI wave is Natural Language Processing (NLP), the brains behind conversational tools like ChatGPT and Bard.

Now imagine an open playground for NLP, where everyone can access cutting-edge models, datasets, and tools!

Introducing Hugging Face AI

Hugging Face, a game-changer democratizing AI does exactly that. Powered by “transfer learning,” it allows you to build upon existing knowledge, paving the way for your own AI creations.

The Playground for Everyone

With its massive Python library and thriving community, Hugging Face empowers both seasoned data scientists and curious newbies. Whether you want to experiment with pre-trained models, deploy your own creations, or simply explore the AI landscape, it’s your one-stop shop.

What can you expect from the webinar on Hugging Face AI?

  • An overview of the capabilities of Hugging Face models for question answering.
  • Multichoice question-answering architectures and hands-on coding practice with these models.
  • A review of best practices and future directions as question-answering continues advancing rapidly.

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