Evaluate Your IT Environment to Reduce Costs and Optimize Organizational Resources

Smart companies are investing and modernising to take advantage of the increased flexibility, speed, and cost savings of moving workloads to the cloud. Even in a period of economic uncertainty, or perhaps because of it, companies are trying to understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) of everything, including a move to the cloud.

An Optimisation and Licensing Assessment, funded by AWS and provided by a trusted partner like SoftwareOne, looks at your current resource utilisation, Microsoft licensing, and application dependencies to provide an on-premises vs. cloud comparison. These findings help to build a business case for an AWS migration and licensing strategy.

*An IDC study shows that organisations will lower their cost of running Windows workloads by 56% over five years when they migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Download this whitepaper, to understand the first step for evaluating a move from an on-premises data centre to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and the role of an Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) in that process.

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