First-party misuse challenges merchants every day

See how by reviewing Verifi’s white paper

Friendly fraud is growing. 62% of merchants reported an increase in occurrence between 2021 and 2022. Download Verifi’s white paper, Sizing Up the Impact of CNP Fraud Disputes to discover merchant perspectives on first-party misuse. 


of merchants agree using the right data is a top fraud management challenge


of merchants use notification & visibility approaches to combat first-party misuse


driver of first-party misuse is customers attempting to obtain free goods

Verifi’s white paper, Sizing Up the Impact of Fraud Disputes, offers an in-depth perspective on how illegitimate disputes caused by first-party misuse disrupt merchants and cost enormous amounts of money. 

In it, you’ll find: 

  • How friendly fraud presents itself to different types of merchants 
  • Most common causes of first-party misuse 
  • How merchants combat first-party misuse 

Download the Verifi white paper today!

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