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goBetter is described as Asia’s largest human capital management platform, specifically focused on frontline workforce management. The platform aims to drive efficiency and productivity gains for enterprises and enhance the frontline worker experience through digitization, upskilling, and engagement.

The document highlights the challenges associated with frontline workforce management, including inefficient manual processes, exposure to reputational and regulatory risks, lack of real-time insights, absence of scalable training, managing multiple point solutions, revenue leaks, and high employee turnover/attrition.



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How does goBetter help? 

To address these challenges, goBetter offers various solutions within its platform.

Onboarding Suite

Workforce Management

Vendor Management

  1. The Onboarding Suite streamlines high-volume frontline hiring, manages multiple sourcing vendors, and provides real-time analytics on the hiring pipeline. It also offers touchless onboarding and document collection, background verification, and a 360-degree view of employee onboarding status.

  2. The Workforce Management module ensures timely, compliant, and accurate payroll processing with pre-defined salary structure templates and AI-assisted calculations. It also includes attendance management with facial recognition and geo-fencing, simplified rostering, and customizable reporting. Additionally, goBetter offers gamified learning modules to boost frontline worker skills, providing customized training digitally in multiple languages.

  3. The Vendor Management feature enables effortless workflow-integrated vendor management, including adding and maintaining vendor contracts, reviewing vendor performance, and managing compliances like work permits and licenses.

The platform also emphasizes integrations with other systems and software, including ERPs, HR systems, attendance marking devices, analytics tools, and data lakes/warehouses, allowing seamless integration within an organization’s tech ecosystem.

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