Turn Casual Shoppers to Loyal Customers with Clienteling

Creating personalised experience for your customers is what will convert the window shoppers into long-term customers. Whether you have a physical store or an online one – you can build a loyal customer following using clienteling – a proven method to offer personalised shopping experience for your customers.

Clientbook is the leading clienteling software for furniture retailers. It helps you build strong customer relationships by automating the process of tracking customer data and preferences. This frees up your sales associates to spend more time providing personalized service, which leads to more sales.

With Clientbook, you can:

  • Keep track of customer profiles, including purchase history, contact information, and preferences
  • Send automated reminders to customers about upcoming events, product launches, or special offers
  • Personalize your marketing campaigns to reach the right customers with the right message
  • Track customer engagement and measure the ROI of your clienteling efforts
  • let’s hear it from a furniture store owner like you on why they love Clientbook!

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