Improving AD Security Through Consolidation and Modernization

What does this whitepaper contain?

  • This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the critical role of Active Directory (AD) architecture in maintaining organizational security. 

  • It outlines the challenges associated with managing multiple AD environments and legacy AD architectures, such as inconsistent policies, dispersed administrators, and directory synchronization issues. 

  • The document emphasizes the importance of AD consolidation and modernization to enhance security and reduce operational costs. 

  • It also introduces the concept of modern, privileged-access strategies based on Zero-Trust principles and provides insights into the various options for AD consolidation, including consolidating to an existing AD, a greenfield AD, or migrating to Azure AD. 

  • Additionally, the landing page highlights the role of Quest Software in providing tools and solutions for AD migration and consolidation. 
Overall, you will find valuable insights and recommendations for organizations looking to enhance their AD security through consolidation and modernization.

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