Ownersbox case Study

Ownersbox Was Able To Increase Sign-Ups And Deposits By 50% And The Open Rates Across Their Email Campaigns By 33%

See how Xtremepush helped Ownersbox improve customer engagement and grow their business.

Ownersbox is a fantasy sports platform that allows users to participate in daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests for real money. The platform is designed for sports fans who want to compete against each other and win cash prizes.

“Working with Xtremepush has made it easier to engage with our audience. We can put relevant content in front of players at the time to drive player activity.

The platform is user friendly and the real-time data ingestion and analysis puts them ahead of other platforms we considered. We can respond quickly and effectively to maximise campaign performance and create an unforgettable player experience.

Xtremepush’s approach of ‘leaning in’ and really getting to know us as a team, as well as what we offer, means they can understand our challenges and objectives and work with us to achieve them.” – Sandy Plashkes, Co-Founder of Ownersbox

The Challenge

Ownersbox was using Sendgrid, Pushwhoosh, and an external BI tool to communicate with their players across email and push notifications. This was a fragmented approach that made it difficult to track the performance of their campaigns and to personalise their messages.

The Solution

Ownersbox decided to deploy Xtremepush. Xtremepush is a customer engagement platform that uses real-time data to personalise and automate customer interactions. It helps businesses to increase engagement, conversions, and revenue.

After deploying Xtremepush, Ownersbox saw a significant improvement in engagement.

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