Security Consulting Services Overview

Fortify Your Business with Centelon Solutions’ Comprehensive Security Consulting Services. Our Expertise:

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment: Identify vulnerabilities and risks in your systems, processes, and controls based on ISO 27001/NIST CSF standards, and receive a clear, prioritized roadmap for remediation.
  • Essential 8 Security Assessment: Measure the effectiveness of your security controls against the Essential Eight Framework developed by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).
  • ISO 27001 Compliance Assessment: An in-depth appraisal of your organization’s adherence to existing policies and industry best practices, with a focus on people, processes, and technology to meet ISO 27001 requirements.
  • Third-Party Risk Assessment: Define the current and future state of your security environment in a complete Cyber Security Risk Assessment, and determine the steps needed to maintain a robust security environment as change occurs.
  • Penetration Testing: Identify vulnerabilities in your IT environment using proven techniques, methodologies, and tools to detect risks.
  • Phishing Simulation Risk Assessment: Measure the current level of susceptibility by performing a controlled attack against employees and identify any trends across the entire organization.
  • Security Code Review: Gain insight into the real risk associated with insecure code and increase the cost-effectiveness of application security verification effort.
  • PCI DSS Gap Analysis & Compliance Support: Identify gaps in your security infrastructure before a full PCI DSS risk assessment and scope the requirements for PCI compliance.

Learn how Centelon Solutions’ Security Consulting Services can help you fortify your business and meet compliance requirements.

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