Simplifying Data Mesh for Self-Service Analytics on an Open Data Lakehouse

The adoption of data mesh as a decentralised data management approach has become popular in recent years, helping teams overcome challenges associated with centralised data architecture. As an organisational and technological approach, data mesh helps decentralise data consumption and product delivery.

In this whitepaper by Mike Ferguson (former Chief Architect at Teradata, CEO of Intelligent Business Strategies, and Chairman of Big Data London), you will learn how to use Dremio to accelerate data product development on a unified access layer. Dremio’s open data lakehouse architecture simplifies your data mesh journey and delivers solutions faster to the business.

Additionally, you will learn about:

  • The benefits of data mesh and navigating organisational adoption
  • Building a data mesh on an open data lakehouse for self-service analytics
  • Dremio’s phased approach for turning data mesh from a concept into reality
  • Core capabilities that make Dremio the data platform for building out a data mesh

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