Streamline Retail Operations with PowerMove


Discover PowerMove – your ticket to a more efficient retail operation. This innovative solution is designed for professionals across retail, from sales and purchasing to tech solutions and IT procurement.


  • Seamless Mobility: Easily attach or detach your iPad with PowerMove’s magnetic snap-on/off dock. Move freely while keeping your tablet accessible.

  • Effortless Charging: No more messy cables. Use pogo pins for instant charging and data transfer.

  • Robust Protection: With its rugged rubber edge band, your iPad stays safeguarded from potential mishaps.

  • Adaptive Design: The built-in metal kickstand ensures your iPad is comfortably positioned for any task.

  • Trusted Security: Keep your iPad locked and secure. Plus, mount the dock on Compulocks’ displays for added safety.

  • Retail-Ready: Perfect for large chain stores like Walmart and Target or smaller retail outlets. Boost mobility and efficiency in your store.

Considering a change in retail? PowerMove is the next step. Contact us for more details and join the retail revolution.

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