UKG Pro Forecasting

Take the guesswork out of workforce planning with the power of UKG AI

UKG Pro® Forecasting (formerly UKG Dimensions® Forecasting) optimizes your schedules by making accurate and timely predictions based on data trends and patterns from your own business. Over time, our patented, self-tuning machine-learning (ML) algorithm automatically analyzes and learns from this data fine-tuning itself to continue providing accurate forecasts to help your business create optimized schedules that meet the demands of your business.

Deliver timely schedules to every person by using an accurate forecast that provides:

  • Effective periodic or seasonal coverage with self-tuning insights 
  • Leverage the full power of data to use patterns in the past to predict the future 
  • Analyze staffing measurements to make smarter adjustments in the moment 
  • Ideal schedules influenced by purposeful workforce management data across the organization’s history

But this is only the tip of the iceberg, Fill out the form and download it now. 

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