An Evidence Management Platform

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The Evidence Management Platform for the leading logistics company in the USA was developed using a comprehensive set of technologies and platforms. The mobile technologies employed include Objective-C, Java, Swift, C++ (NDK), OpenCV, and TensorFlow. Additionally, the web technologies utilized in its development encompass ASP.Net MVC, MySQL, and Azure Functions. The platform also implements advanced computer vision and machine learning, with the application conceptually based on microservices using AWS Lambda. These technologies and platforms were integrated to create a robust and innovative solution for tracking inventory movement and automating data extraction through automation and AI. 

In essence, the document showcases a wide array of innovative software solutions that blend artistic creativity with cutting-edge technology to address real-world challenges across different industries and domains. From logistics and e-commerce to education and collaboration, each project demonstrates a strategic amalgamation of diverse technologies and frameworks to deliver impactful and efficient solutions. Whether it’s leveraging computer vision for inventory management or integrating modern HTML5 technologies for real-time collaboration, the projects underscore the powerful synergy between art and technology in driving meaningful innovation and problem-solving.

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