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Easy path to MSP Security: focus on GDAP, Teams & SharePoint Scenarios

From MSPs for MSPs, Get ahead in security with automation informed by 1.5M SMB users and 700+ top security MSPs
  New Webinar on Thursday, 11 May
AMER 11:00 AM PDT | EMEA 4:00 PM CEST | ANZ 11:00 AM AEST
A workshop-style webinar on top security scenarios for Microsoft 365 partners – from Teams to SharePoint to GDAP

Real people, real data… 1.5 million active SMB users, 25,000 customers, 700 of your top performing peers – do they know something that we should all know? They do – because they are taking head-on the top security scenarios that are important to customers with Security Manager for M365.

Join this workshop-style webinar to learn how other leading MSP peers are getting ahead in security in key workloads.

What to expect:

Less talking, More Doing! Get ready for powerful in-product demos with tips and tricks that you can actually use to crush security!

Granular Delegated Access Permissions (GDAP) – Microsoft is requiring that all M365 customer tenants move from DAP (Delegated Access Permissions) to Granular (GDAP) by May 22nd.
Shouldn’t your technology provide the “easy path” to DAP to GDAP?
Microsoft Teams – 250 million users on Teams, 55% revenue lift for partners when customers actively use Teams.
Shouldn’t your technology enable secure deployments, regulatory compliance and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) out of the box?
SharePoint / OneDrive – Enabling customer collaboration is what an MSP is all about. You are enablers and people connectors – but you are also the stewards of security for customers.
Shouldn’t your technology streamline high-security baselines in SharePoint, OneDrive and beyond?
Lee Ramse
Technical Product Manager, Security Manager, SkyKick

Key product leader in building and expanding Security Manager from a technical perspective.
Michael Leison
Senior Director, Product Marketing, Security Manager, SkyKick

Leads Product Marketing for Security Manager and has had tons of conversations with Partners about why the product has been critical for their growth in 2023.
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