How Data API Gateways Power Real-Time Apps

A web API can connect cloud apps with databases with less friction than native drivers—but which one? To deliver the right balance of productivity and performance for each app, developers need the flexibility to use any HTTP API they choose. That’s where an API gateway comes in. Read this ebook to learn how an API gateway allows you to use any native driver or open source API you choose—from CQL API and REST API to gRPC API—so you can:

  • Connect apps to databases easily regardless of data model or schema design
  • Focus on writing business services instead of translating query languages
  • Build real-time apps with Cassandra with the API of your choice using

Stargate is also available via DataStax Astra DB, the serverless database built on Apache Cassandra. Together, these essential pieces of data infrastructure are key to shortening that critical path to getting an application to production.