Hazelcast Versus Redis: A Practical Comparison

Instead of a feature-by-feature comparison between these two popular technologies, there is a more meaningful way to determine which is right for you. After all, comparing Hazelcast to Redis is almost like comparing a sports utility vehicle (SUV) to a pickup truck. Picking one of these vehicles over the other depends on how you plan on using them. It’s the same with Hazelcast versus Redis.

The main difference between Hazelcast and Redis is that as a unified real-time data platform, Hazelcast provides stream processing capabilities that you don’t get in Redis. So if you are looking to take instant action on real-time data, in which your applications help you respond to changes in data when it matters most, Hazelcast is your technology.

Read this paper to learn how Hazelcast covers all your bases for your stream processing needs, and hopefully, you won’t need to spend so much time figuring out how to differentiate Hazelcast from Redis or any other storage-only data platforms.