The Ultimate Guide To Data Product Management

As data teams shift their approach toward creating reliable data products, they are modernizing their team structure to place data product managers at the helm of these critical business assets. But what exactly does a good product manager do and do you really need one for your team?

Our latest eBook answers these questions, diving into important topics such as:

  • Defining the data product manager role and responsibilities
  • What a data product is, types of data products, and how to treat “data like a product”
  • The differences and similarities between software and data product managers
  • The importance of basic analytics, AI, statistics, and ML concepts
  • The data product manager career path
  • How to measure success
  • And more!

Today, data teams cannot afford to be anything but lockstep with organizational goals. Access this guide today to see how data product managers are integral to establishing and maintaining this alignment.