SS&C and Announce Partnership to Bring AI Insights to Institutional Investors’ Portfolios

Today, SS&C Technologies, a top supplier of investment management technology, and, a leading artificial intelligence platform for financial professionals, announced a new strategic partnership. Through this partnership, clients of SS&C who use Eze Eclipse and Eze OMS will have direct access to Boosted Insights, the machine-learning platform developed by that assists investors in enhancing their equity portfolios through data-driven AI.

Investment professionals can find opportunities within their portfolios with the help of Boosted Insights. When combined with an investor’s own knowledge of the capital markets, the advanced processing power and speed of Boosted Insights allows it to learn from and identify patterns in a wealth of data that can be used to increase return, alpha, or any number of portfolio metrics.

Through Eze Marketplace, clients of SS&C now have access to the following significant features that can enhance their investment choices:

  • The Rankings widget offers a wide range of AI insights and stock selection suggestions for a variety of investment strategies.
  • Investors can quickly delve into the specifics of’s recommendations to surface insights and identify recurring patterns.
  • Users of SS&C Eze can enhance portfolios by using Boosted Insights’ finance-specific algorithms and portfolio construction features. The platform of takes into account and normalises biases common to capital markets, such as noisy data, non-stationarity, and others.
  • The data-driven hedges offered by Boosted Insights’ optional hedge basket module help institutional investors avoid overexposure, safeguard against downside, lower volatility and beta in their portfolios, and produce higher portfolio returns than simple beta hedges.

To improve their capabilities and quickly address business challenges inside of their investment management platform, Eze Marketplace seamlessly connects clients to market-leading solutions like Boosted Insights.

Co-Founder and CEO of Joshua Pantony said: “With SS&C Eze’s elite platforms for knowledgeable investment professionals, we are thrilled to be extending our reach. The objective of our business is to provide investors with easy access to a wide range of data and finance-specific AI that is presented in an understandable manner. This will enable investors to make better decisions in the future.”

Product Management’s Managing Director, Frank Orzechowski, stated: “The use of AI to advance trading solutions is advantageous. A prime example of how institutional investors can reduce risk and discover fresh, logical ways to seek alpha is provided by We are thrilled to be able to offer seamless access to these features through Eze Marketplace.”


A company called uses artificial intelligence to assist equity asset managers in making data-driven investment choices. The 2017-founded business offers portfolio managers cutting-edge quantitative investing techniques without the need for coding or data science expertise through its proprietary web-based platform, Boosted Insights., which has offices in Toronto and New York, is supported by Portage Ventures, Ten Coves Capital, Spark Capital, and other top investors. Visit to learn more, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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