Theos Cyber Receives Award for Best APAC Entrepreneurial Company

Theos Cyber provides cost-competitive solutions that enable organizations to implement reliable technologies and improve their security posture.

Following a recent study by Frost & Sullivan into the cybersecurity sector, Theos Cyber Solutions has been awarded the 2023 Asia-Pacific (APAC) Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award. The business consistently provides cybersecurity solutions with a competitive edge for a range of organisational scales and requirements. It provides services for managed detection and response security, cyber consulting, and offensive security. It enables people and businesses to prosper in the secure digital era. By putting a strong emphasis on security fundamentals, the company helps individuals and businesses flourish in the rapidly evolving digital age.

Businesses can immediately reap significant benefits thanks to Theos Cyber’s extensive offerings, which include endpoint security, cloud security, vulnerability management, and threat monitoring and response. Customers can meet compliance requirements and improve internal security policies by using the company’s assistance in mapping regulatory requirements to their internal security controls. To reduce the risk of third-party penetration, it also offers security assessments, software-as-a-service plugins, and on-premises solutions. With Theos Cyber’s strong security framework, organisations can integrate with other products and technologies, find problems, and address environmental threats without having to shoulder additional operational costs.

Theos Cyber operates under the guiding principle that customer satisfaction is essential to its success, according to Vinay Biradar, associate director of the mobility group at Frost & Sullivan. Its business has increased organically over the past few years, doubling yearly. It has continued to grow each year, keeping all of its customers happy, by acquiring new ones.

Theos Cyber meets with customers to determine their unique needs and create solutions that are specifically suited to them. These solutions include roadmaps for seamless execution, which builds customer trust and fosters enduring relationships over the course of the service lifecycle. Additionally, because of its high level of expertise, the company is able to define an efficient security programme that is pertinent to the customer by leveraging current investment and enhancing the customer’s outdated architecture with cutting-edge security technologies. Theos Cyber is in a good position to propel the cybersecurity market into its next phase of expansion, gain market share, and maintain its dominance over the coming years.

Despite being a new player in the market, “Theos Cyber has demonstrated strong capabilities and expertise in providing dependable and cost-effective technology solutions to small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses. Its customer-focused business practises and solid brand equity elevate its partner status in the cybersecurity market, said Norazah Bachok, a Frost & Sullivan best practises research analyst.

This honour is given annually by Frost & Sullivan to the business that has excelled in developing and vigorously executing a solid growth strategy. The award winner has demonstrated strength in terms of product and technology innovation, leadership in customer value, and promptness in responding to market demands. The award considers the industry’s up-and-coming players, recognising their best practises that are set up for future growth excellence.

Companies in various regional and international markets are honoured with Frost & Sullivan Best Practises awards for exhibiting exceptional achievement and superior performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. For the purpose of identifying industry best practises, industry analysts compare market participants, evaluate performance, and conduct in-depth interviews, analyses, and extensive secondary research.

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