CyberScopeTM Handheld Cybersecurity Analyzer is released by NetAlly.

This particular instrument integrates Nmap technology for thorough site security evaluations

At the RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco today, NetAlly unveiled the CyberScopeTM Handheld Cybersecurity Analyzer, a robust, portable tool that offers comprehensive site security assessment, analysis, and reporting.

According to NetAlly CTO James Kahkoska, “CyberScope is a rugged, purpose-built security tool, harnessing Nmap technology in a simplified user interface for complete site assessments, instead of disparate utilities on fragile laptops or tablets.” The endpoint and network discovery, wireless security analysis, vulnerability assessment, network segmentation, and provisioning validation capabilities of CyberScope will be useful to both cyber and network professionals.

CyberScope, which is made for deep site network visibility, can be used “in-hand” by local staff or remotely by centralised cyber experts. Wi-Fi 6/6E, Bluetooth/BLE, wired Ethernet (copper and fibre, to line-rate 10Gbps), and RF spectrum analysis are among its technologies. With the help of its Discovery app, every host on the network (or in the air) can be quickly located, its connections can be determined, and vulnerability scans can be carried out automatically.

By adding and integrating Nmap scanning into its AutoTest connectivity analysis, its network discovery algorithm, and as a standalone app with a simplified GUI, CyberScope makes use of technology from NetAlly’s EtherScope® nXG network analyzer.

A CISO and cybersecurity instructor named Mark Derrick asserts that “having the kind of interior threat visibility that CyberScope brings to the industry is essential for securing and reducing risk in site networks.” In the words of Derrick, “The portability, the breadth and depth of capabilities, all make this a’must have’ tool in any cybersecurity professional’s arsenal.”

CyberScope is new for NetAlly, but our customers have been utilising our potent discovery technology as a supplement to their cybersecurity efforts for years, according to Mike Parrottino, CEO of NetAlly. “Cyber risk is at the top of the corporate risk agenda,” he adds. “While our traditional network operations customers will benefit from CyberScope’s capabilities, this launch marks our purposeful entry into serving cybersecurity professionals.”

According to the company, CyberScope will be offered through their network of authorised channel partners starting in July 2023.