GoNetspeed introduces the GoCommunity programme, offering options for low-cost high-speed internet.

GoNetspeed today unveiled the GoCommunity programme, which will enable the company to expand the number of homes that can access its quick and inexpensive internet service via the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP), a scheme run by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Through the ACP, GoCommunity members can get free access to GoNetspeed’s 100/100Mbps fibre internet package.

For new or current residential GoNetspeed customers who satisfy the requirements for ACP, GoCommunity is available. Members of the GoCommunity who live in Connecticut, Maine, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, or Vermont and have access to GoNetspeed’s services will be able to use the $30 ACP credit to get free access to the company’s 100/100Mbps fibre internet service package or to put it towards any of the company’s high-speed fibre, DSL, or cable internet plans. On gonetspeed.com, those with an interest in GoCommunity can find out more information.

“High-speed internet is critical, and we are proud to partner with FCC to establish GoCommunity as a link to bridge the gap for homes that need connectivity but struggle to afford the costs associated,” said Richard Clark, GoNetspeed President & CEO. “This program will provide opportunities for qualifying members that level the playing field for working and educating from home.”

Those interested in joining GoNetspeed’s GoCommunity program can confirm eligibility by applying online at affordableconnectivity.gov. Once approved, simply calling 855-891-7291 will connect customers to a GoNetspeed customer service representative who can apply the credit to existing accounts or establish new service.

Through a legacy of innovation and a commitment to customer service, GoNetspeed has recently accelerated the expansion of its fiber networks throughout nine states. GoNetspeed continues to deliver more fiber, more access, more speed and better reliability to residents and businesses. With access to 100% fiber internet, GoNetspeed customers have access to symmetrical upload and download speeds, ranging from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps).

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program created by Congress and implemented by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to assist eligible households to pay for internet services. Eligibility is determined based on ACP rules. Eligible households must use the service to keep the subsidy and in the event the customer has (30) consecutive days without any internet usage, the customer may no longer be eligible to receive the subsidy. Eligible households may receive the program benefit from any participating provider and may transfer the benefit to another provider at any time. Offers do not include taxes and fees. Additional installation fees may also apply. Regular rates apply upon service suspension, cancellation, downgrades, or ACP conclusion. In the event that ACP is discontinued, and the FCC announces an end date, you will be charged the undiscounted rate if you continue to receive service after the end date.

About GoNetspeed:

GoNetspeed, a high-speed 100% fiber internet provider serving residential and business customers in Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia, formed a partnership with Oak Hill Capital (“Oak Hill”) in January 2021, allowing GoNetspeed to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network throughout the Northeastern U.S. Adding thousands of new service areas every year, GoNetspeed is one of the largest independent internet providers in the east. For more information about GoNetspeed, or to inquire about service in your residence, business or community, visit gonetspeed.com.