Is Augmented Reality (AR) part of the Metaverse? 

Ever since the Marvel movies have opened our vision to the new spectrum of Multiverse in most of its movies, to name a few Avengers: Endgame; Spiderman-Man: Far from Home followed by Spider-Man: No way home, and the one hit spot was “ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.” The entire plot revolved around the multiverse concept. It spurred around the existence of multiple different universes and its existence in real life too. 

These movies innately made the audience curious about the existence of the Multiverse and that’s when the “ Metaverse ” unfolded in our lives. As the word implies, it is a dimensional computing platform providing digital platforms as an alternative or as a replica of a modified version of the real world. 

The Metaverse consists of a lot of different forms of reality. They included Virtual Reality (VR), Extended Reality (XR) and another one that is least explored is Augmented Reality (AR). 

One might wonder, “ Is AR part of the Metaverse? ”. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore the same! 

Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality is a technology built to change the virtual form of reality. It permits users to experience the real world in an improved version which comprises interactive digital elements. With the rise in AR, it has led to various AR apps providing visual auditory, and many other interactive information in real-world systems to improve the experience for all its users. 

The invention of Augmented Reality applications and associated software have seamlessly worked on smartphones. It helped users access a digitally augmented world wrapped in a few simple processes. 

With the recent developments happening all around the world, a large number of devices have been prepared to support AR, including screens, glasses, handy devices, and head-mounted displays, and the list is just never-ending. The AR world has evolved over the past few years at the fastest pace ever seen. It has become so widely used that it is present in big volumes among customers having a tool in everyone’s pockets now. 

Uses of Augmented Reality 

AR is widely used for different purposes to innovate services in various forms. The technique adds layers to our world. These layers could be visual, auditory with sensory information to intensify your experience. Numerous companies have been using AR technologies to promote their products, and services, and collect significant data while launching various marketing campaigns. 

Have a look at the uses of AR in other sections as well. 

  • Education 

With the help of AR apps, makes learning an easy, engaging and interactive process of learning. The technology aids to develop various education tools that are more accessible and adaptable to all. Teachers can use visual representation to explain certain topics and make students understand better. 

  • Retail 

AR has opened a new era in the retail industry. It allows customers to try on products without having to purchase them in real life. For example, the giant retail joint, IKEA, helps users to place the selected furniture in their homes at various places and visualize the entire setting before the actual purchase. 

Role of AR in the Metaverse 

This platform is a digital landscape for all the participants who can build their virtual environments. It forms a network of different virtual worlds, one can enter simply by wearing the virtual reality goggles. 

With the advantage of AR, we can alter, modify and create an augmented reality while also adding extra dimensions by using images, sounds, texts, or even GPS data, one can enrich the place you are in. It is the key to elements present to affect one’s depth perception. 

AR technology has a certain degree of power that convinces our brains to believe and accept the fact that they exist in our environment. This is when our current world becomes even more interesting. 

Augmented Metaverse 

“ AR and the Metaverse act like a good union. One can use them separately, however, they are better together. ”

AR has been paving its way in the world of Metaverse which transforms the core society in a big way leaving us with the best technological wonders. Experts imply that by 2024, the world would witness its “ First Ever Fully Operable AR Glasses ”, developed by top-tier manufacturing firms. 

The fusion of these two stands out as an uninterrupted leader in war. The use of AR has enhanced the overall digital experience for users as it offers the perfect combination of physical as well as virtual components altogether. With the initiation of AR, we look forward to opening numerous doors of limitless opportunities with free interaction, new connections, and secured collaborative working. 

In a nutshell, 

Concepts of AR and Metaverse have been spreading like unstoppable volcanoes all around the globe, concerning their future in the technology world. This sector has been growing, although we are still at a pretty early stage of a long-term expansion.

With the pace of technology now taking a turn, soon the Augmented Metaverse will strengthen its position in the market, by replacing traditional infrastructure, tools, and services respectively. 

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