Gateway is appointed by Vislink Technologies to oversee a new investor relations program.

In order to manage its new investor relations program, Vislink Technologies, Inc. (“Vislink” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: VISL), a global technology leader in the capture, delivery, and management of high quality, live video, and associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement, and defense markets, has chosen Gateway Group, Inc. as its manager.

To create and implement a comprehensive outreach and communications program, Gateway has started working with Vislink management. Activities will include, but not be limited to, improving overall company and investment-oriented messaging and corporate positioning, providing strategic advisory services, and making introductions to institutional investors, sell-side analysts, and other important contacts in the larger financial community. Additionally, Gateway will help with the planning of roadshows and getting invitations to particular financial conferences, such as its yearly Gateway Conference.

Vislink is in an excellent position to build on our achievements in 2023 after an evolutionary 2022, according to Mickey Miller, CEO of Vislink. We established a new go-to-market strategy, increasing our sales and prioritizing driving recurring revenue through increased software and services sales. This was done with the help of a transformational acquisition and multiple successful product releases. Our $52 million verified sales pipeline is made up mostly of the public safety and live broadcast sports and entertainment areas, which we are targeting expansion in as we continue to offer cutting-edge video technology to our growing customer base. We think our Business can benefit from an updated strategy for corporate positioning and investor communications given our accomplishments thus far and the work left to be done.

We chose Gateway as our partner because of its solid institutional connections and track record of success in helping other technological growth startups, according to Miller. We are eager to collaborate closely with the Gateway team to implement an aggressive investor relations program that will enable us to raise our company’s profile, strengthen our position in the market, and broaden our shareholder base.

With regards to Vislink Technologies, Inc.

A global technology company called Vislink specializes in gathering, transferring, and managing high-quality live video and related data from the action scene to the viewer’s screen. Vislink offers options for gathering live news, sports, and entertainment events for the broadcast markets. Using a variety of customized transmission technologies, Vislink also provides real-time visual intelligence solutions to the surveillance and defense markets. Vislink offers live streaming solutions for automated news and sports productions employing bonded cellular, 5G, and AI-driven technologies through its Mobile Viewpoint product lines.

In order to deliver a wide range of customer solutions, the Vislink team also offers professional and technical services. It does this by assembling a team of technology experts with decades of practical knowledge and real-world experience in the fields of terrestrial microwave, satellite, fibre optic, surveillance, and wireless communications systems. Common stock issued by Vislink is traded in the open market on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker “VISL.” To learn more, go to

Pertaining to Gateway Group, Inc.

Gateway Group is a top-tier consulting for capital markets and public relations with its main office in Newport Beach, California. Gateway has been providing strategic consultation, business messaging and positioning, earned media strategies, leadership visibility, investor awareness, and analyst and press coverage since 1999. Executives at Gateway have a wealth of experience in the capital markets, financial services, and brand communications. They serve customers across a variety of industries, including technology, consumer goods, industrial products, financial services, and business services. Vislink is not responsible for the information on Gateway’s websites.

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