WebPT Launches Enterprise Capabilities for Information Security

WebPT, the leading rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth, today announces new enterprise capabilities in information security and data availability for the rehab therapy industry. These expanded features include upgraded single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, enterprise identity management, in-app history reporting, and a sophisticated data warehouse solution.

“To succeed in the new era of healthcare, rehab therapy practices of all sizes need to be able to protect their clinic and patient data with enhanced cybersecurity, and leverage deep analytics for business agility,” said Ashley Glover, CEO at WebPT. “We are excited to bring these capabilities to market, making it easier for clinics to meet the needs of their business partners and scale their organizations.”

New enterprise capabilities on the WebPT platform include:

  • Upgraded Single Sign-On (SSO) and Enterprise Identity Management: With an upgrade to an authentication solution powered by Auth0, WebPT customers (whom the company refers to as “Members”) will be able to access multiple WebPT applications across the platform using one identity. The upgraded SSO solution delivers advanced security features including brute force detection, bot detection, suspicious IP detection, breached password protection, and reputation protection. In addition, companies that have enterprise identity security requirements and need to integrate with additional identity management providers to monitor credentials across the entire business have the option to upgrade to WebPT’s Federated SSO.
  • In-App History and Auditing: WebPT’s in-app history enhancements provide administrators with greater and more granular visibility into historical user activity logs, including recent additions and changes made within WebPT applications. Similarly, the advanced audit reporting solution will offer Members deeper insights into their usage data and allow them to search and export information over a broad range of dates. These improved audit capabilities will initially be available within the WebPT EMR, and then will expand into the WebPT Billing and Tasking application later in 2023.
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse: Powered by Snowflake’s Business Critical Edition technology, WebPT’s enterprise-level data warehouse, and Advanced Analytics solution delivers one of the most sophisticated data solutions in the rehab therapy industry. The Snowflake platform meets the highest security and compliance regulation standards, delivering data within a multi-cluster architecture that is HIPAA-, PCI-, and HITRUST CSF-certified.

“WebPT’s enterprise technology products equip rehab therapy leaders with key business and clinical insights while also providing advanced IT security capabilities,” said Greg Ingino, CTO at WebPT. “We are making it easier to leverage data to run your business, while also meeting ever-increasing security and compliance expectations. These new and enhanced features enable clinics and practice groups to operate at an enterprise level and collaborate with large-scale health systems.”

Source: PR Newswire