“Good Life and Health” Leading-edge Predictive Analytics for Improving Patient Care

Collaborating with Health Data Analytics Institute toDeliver Value-Based Care for South Texas Beneficiaries

Dr. Sheila Magoon, the executive director of the Harlingen, Texas-based Buena Vida y Salud ACO and South Texas Physician Alliance, lives by the motto “keeping patients healthy at home.” Her ACO just finalised a multi-year agreement to utilise a predictive analytics platform from the Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI). The platform is used to identify Buena Vida y Salud (BVyS) ACO patients who are more likely to experience adverse events and to use resources more frequently, helping to reduce unnecessary encounters and enhance patient care. With the help of an extensive collection of predictive models, HDAI has developed a method for more objective performance evaluation based on benchmarking against precisely matched comparison populations (also known as “digital twins”).

“In order to help physicians create more personalized treatment plans for their patients, our goal is to provide an organised health history and future risk profile. We are helping BVyS further their goal of providing value-based care and better outcomes by collaborating with them “Nassib Chamoun, the CEO, president, and founder of HDAI, said.

Utilizing the BCDA (Beneficiary Claims Data API), which has been approved by CMS, HDAI provides web-based, secure patient-level care profiles that can go live in as little as 48 hours. Care managers can quickly identify beneficiaries who are most at risk for dozens of adverse events, such as heart attacks, falls, or infections, and the underlying factors that contribute to each risk by using this clean, timely data to create rank-ordered lists of patients. A personalised care plan can then be created by clinicians using the patient’s carefully curated health history, which includes all interactions, medications, providers, tests, diagnoses, and interventions.

Dr. Magoon, who is trained in family medicine, claims “Predictive modelling must be adopted and comprehended if we are to continue influencing outcomes. We can concentrate on prevention and keep our patients healthy at home when we can predict what will happen before it does.”

The impact of this highly customised approach to care and disease management for ACO patients will be further documented over the coming months by HDAI and BVyS. The Department of Outcomes Research at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and New England Baptist Hospital are HDAI’s academic partners, and they have recently published peer-reviewed papers outlining their methodology and its application for comparative effectiveness.

Regarding the Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI)

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