Strategic alliance between Getronics and HUB Cyber Security Ltd.

The contract spans 3 years of continuous, rigorous testing and cyber assessments

Getronics and HUB Security have created the first joint cybersecurity platform, called “GetHUB360,” that enables companies to recognise, counter, and respond to changing cyberthreats in local, cloud, and hybrid computing environments.

HUB Cyber Security Ltd. (Nasdaq: HUBC), a provider of Confidential Computing cybersecurity products and services (hereinafter referred to as “HUB Security” or the “Company”), is happy to announce that it has partnered with Getronics, a top supplier of workplace, cloud, Internet of Things, and managed service cybersecurity products. The partnership between HUB Security and Getronics combines HUB Security’s market-leading cyber risk management technology and services with Getronic’s top-tier technological solutions, and it exemplifies HUB Security’s ongoing dedication to investing in security measures for its clients and new capabilities for its partners.

Companies understand that they need to speed up the adoption of digital solutions because technology is becoming more and more important in every aspect of business if they want to stay competitive. The partnership between HUB Security and Getronics combines the 30-year experience HUB Security has (through its Comsec division) in risk identification, threat mitigation, and incident response with Getronics’s success in facilitating digital transformation for both workplace and vital business applications.

GetHUB360 is a subscription-based, tiered cybersecurity framework that combines Getronics’ security operations centre (SOC) with HUB Security’s cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity services. Customers can use GetHUB360 to continuously monitor and analyse their digital infrastructure, as well as to test resilience, identify and manage vulnerabilities, and react to incidents as they arise.

A multinational client has already been introduced to this collaboration with success. The contract, which is worth over €1.3 million, covers three years of continuous, exacting testing and cyber assessments. Most recently, a cybersecurity incident that was successfully mitigated through the joint HUB360 effort demonstrated the benefits of this investment.

Getronics‘ Global CISO Joeri Barbier is very clear about his company’s direction: “Threat Intelligence is leading the security practise. In order to quickly respond when necessary, HUB Security and Getronics have teamed up to develop and implement a framework of intricately interconnected services that constantly test and monitor the digital infrastructure.

The ultimate goal, says Jürgen Schulze, Senior Director of Channel and Alliances at HUB Security, “is to strengthen the cybersecurity posture and continuously monitor and protect against evolving threats.” “We understand the value of smart collaborations to fill service and technology gaps in the joint customers’ online environment.”

Despite the fact that the global digital threat landscape is expanding exponentially, there are currently more than 4 million cybersecurity professionals lacking in the workforce. Managed security services provide businesses with a scalable way to deal with the difficult task of defending against cyberthreats, even if they require more cyber resilience infrastructure.

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