The establishment of a data centre in Australia by Varonis will help its SaaS clients.

Varonis’s expansion enables its clients to achieve automated data security outcomes while adhering to national data privacy standards.

In order to support customers switching to Varonis’ SaaS offering, Varonis Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRNS), a pioneer in data security and analytics, today announced the opening of its first data centre in Australia. The brand-new data centre, which is situated in Sydney, will make it easier for Varonis’ clients to prove that they are following national data sovereignty laws and give them access to the company’s top-notch visibility, automation, and support.

At a time when Australian businesses have been severely hit by a wave of ransomware attacks and proposed amendments to the Australian Privacy Act place increased scrutiny and potential fines on organisations that fail to protect personal information, the new data centre will assist Varonis in meeting the growing demand from the local market.

Varonis Vice President of APAC Scott Leach said, “After doubling our team in the past year, Varonis is proud to announce we are positioned for further growth with our new data centre in Australia, which opens the door for organisations interested in utilising Varonis’ SaaS offering. “Privacy-minded companies can be confident that data is kept locally while they take advantage of everything our SaaS platform has to offer, from classifying critical data and reducing exposure to automatically and easily stopping threats like ransomware and insider attacks.”

According to Dinesh Babu, Head of Information Security and Compliance at Teachers Health, “as a health insurance company, safeguarding our customers’ personal health information through data security is a top priority.” It promotes compliance, fosters trust, and lowers the possibility of data breaches, all of which help to ensure our success moving forward. We appreciate Varonis’ investment in building a regional data centre to support businesses like ours in achieving their data security goals while also lowering total cost of ownership and enhancing capability.

Automated results are becoming a reality for customers thanks to Varonis. Proactive Incident Response, a knowledgeable team of cybersecurity experts that is part of the Varonis SaaS subscription, was recently introduced by Varonis. Varonis also announced least privilege automation for Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and Box, as well as automated posture management to assist customers in quickly addressing security and compliance gaps across their SaaS and IaaS environments.

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